Personal Chef - Food Stylist


I am freelance private chef specializing in creating memorable food experiences for my clients. I am all about the ingredients, leaning a little on the healthier side but also the aesthetic of not just the food but the table. Everything I do is made from stratch, no additives or preservatives.   I  use mostly organic produce.    

I work on all sorts of food projects, short term.  I can be hired by day/week/month and I charge a daily rate. I take care of shopping and planning the meals and can also travel with my clients when available.

This is a highly bespoke food service offered on an exclusive basis to a limited number of select clients.
To find out more please call  086 362 2441   or e mail

FOOD Styling

I have over 20 years advertsing experience working with international brands in the USA based in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. I have a deep understanding of what it takes to get a product to marketplace. I understand the importance of how a brand translates its story to the consumer through advertising across multiple channels. Now, as trained chef and sommelier, I work with brands to understand their goals on how they want their food story to be told. Combining my advertising background with my now food & wine experience, Foodstyling is a natural fit and one I throughly enjoy.

“Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising”
– Prof. Jef L. Richards

What's on the Menu?

(BELOW IS A sample menu - YOUR MENU WOULD BE customised to your needs)


Breakfast Shake, gluten free organic oats, blueberries, protein powder, peanut butter & water

Carb: 24 • Prot: 32 • Fat: 8.7


Organic scrambled eggs with chives & avocados

Carb: 1 • Prot: 16.2 • Fat: 10


Organic omelet, with roasted cherry tomatoes, avocado & herbs

Carb: 1.6 • Prot: 17 • Fat: 10.9


Bircher overnight oats, chilled in almond milk, fruit and seeds with protein powder

Carb: 27 • Prot: 32 • Fat: 14



Chicken salad on crispy broccoli, goji berries chili flakes

Carb: 4.7 • Prot: 42 • Fat: 9.6


Spicy baked salmon salad with cucumber & yogurt

Carb: 7 • Prot: 31 • Fat: 15.4


Pulled chicken on baby spinach with shredded beets, pomegranate seeds & peas

Carb: 18.2 • Prot: 49 • Fat: 3.5


Raw pad thai salad with chicken

Carb: 7.3 • Prot: 33 • Fat: 6.5 


Spiced Tiger Prawns with Spinach & coconut on Soba noodles

Carb: 12.3 • Prot: 25 • Fat: 2.9


Ground curried beef served on gem lettuce tacos

Carb: 8.3 • Prot: 28• Fat: 6.4


Chicken Burger, roasted red peppers & pesto served on cos lettuce

Carb: 4.2 • Prot: 40 • Fat: 4.2 



Chickpea, cherry tomato, avocado salad

Carb: 24 • Prot: 11.2 • Fat: 7.3


Protein Balls

Carb: 5.2 • Prot: 2.8 • Fat: 1.7 each


Tablespoon of nut butter on half a green apple

Carb: 3.5 • Prot: 9 • Fat: 22


Protein Shake, protein powder, blueberries, peanut butter & water

Carb: 7 • Prot: 26 • Fat: 5


How does a personal Chef work?

  • Get in touch and we can discuss if this is the right service for you

  • I will tailor a customised service for you, food can be boxed also if you are "on the go"

  • We can discuss Meals/likes/dislikes

  • I will do all your shopping and planning

  • I charge a daily rate, pending on your needs and the shopping bill is seperate

  • My aim is to make it easier for you to have healthy food in your fridge


Why sign up?

  • Decadently healthy, chef prepared food conveniently prepared in your home

  • Saves you the time & stress of figuring out 'how to eat healthy'

  • Talk to me to individually tailor your dishes

  • My food is fresh, mostly organic and sourced from local produce whenever we can

  • Nutritionally balanced meals

  • Restore your health with fresh & healthy dishes designed for you


Where & wheN - Let's go!