Hi, I'm Heather

Amongst other things, I'm a Private Chef, certified COURT of Master Sommelier and Food Stylist. I dabble in nutrition and live in Co Dublin, Ireland.

Like all the joyful things in life, with my food I celebrate the uncomplicated, earthy, colourful & delicious.

My Past LIFE

I grew up in Limerick, part of a wonderful community that celebrates food.  Gastronomically Limerick is famous for hams, a baked Limerick ham, nothing better.  There was tea, biscuits, flour and candy manufacturing in the Limerick of my youth.  I enjoyed growing up there and I actually loved my school, ....although I'm not sure the nuns always loved me!

Emigration was just an accepted part of our upbringing. My journey took me to Paris and then a stint in Brussels with a wonderful social life. However my career didn't really leave the station, actually I am not really sure IT was even on the train.  So I had a small meeting with myself and decided to up sticks and headed for New York. I loved the energy and attitude of the city where anything is possible. So it was...I landed a job with the Discovery Channel, at the time just in its infancy. My career was full steam ahead and brought me on an incredible journey living and working in amazing cities like New York, Chicago and finally San Francisco. 

Eighteen years later, it was time for another meeting with myself...board level this time, Losing a parent does that to you, you need to dive deep into your soul and find out what matters. It was time for a career change, it was time to follow my heart, it was time to come home. I pulled the corporate rip cord .....and armed with my Sommelier pin and an obsession with food...I headed home to Ireland and signed up at the Ballymaloe Cookery School.

The Media world in the US and normal life at Ballymaloe run at pretty much the same pace.. MANIC. It's  just amazing how many things you can fit into one day. The surroundings however are remarkably different, the energy the same.

This time I was on a journey following my passion for food and wine. I didn't know the outcome, I just knew I wanted to work in this industry...tasting wines, creating food and styling it for brands and consumers.  Thus dear friends, Heather's Table was born.

A new chapter begins.  I am excited, nervous, worried,  exhausted, happy, awash with new ideas, dreaming about global distribution with nothing at this point to distribute...maybe I am nuts.  Who knows...but I'm doing what I love, indulging my entrepreneurial appetite for freedom, food creativity and a life with no limits. 

"You ate that first one and its flesh was sweet. Like thickened wine, summer’s blood was in it."

- Seamus Heaney - Blackberry Pickings

My Food Philosophy

No, relax, I am not another “perfect person,” who is consumed by “nutrition” you know the ones I mean? They go out to dinner and completely change the menu by leaving the best bits off! They have given up fruit, …. YUP…too much sugar in it. Of course they are telling you this as they pour themselves their fourth glass of wine…..Seriously, where is the balance gone? if I ever wrote a cookery book it’s title would be “Just Eat Your Fu**ing Dinner.”

I believe food to be powerful, for so many reasons. Food is not only a necessity, it’s an amazing luxury. For me food is love – feeding your family, hosting friends, a glass of great wine, loads of laughter, a few tears...it's all about connecting. Food makes people happy – it makes me happy. My philosophy is that food doesn’t have to be posh, it just has to be fresh, with an attitude.



Creativity - for me cooking is a form of creative expression. It's not about knowing the rules, I hate rules, it's about instinct, indulgence & imagination.


Healthy - good food should be about enjoyment & not punishment. You've got to eat healthy to be healthy ....end of story.


Experiences - good food & wine is about friends, old & new..warmth & generosity of spirit. When guests are at my table I take total charge of their happiness.


Food -  Natural ingredients speak for themselves, they just need a little spice & dice to make them more theatrical. My aim is to get people to first feast with their eyes ...and then enjoy the taste.